A New Way to Write Vuex Module

What I think is Wrong with Vuex Module?

Into Vuex’s documentation page, to dispatch a module’s action we had to pass the module name and the action name as action type, like:

  • Wich argument that action is expecting?
  • Where is this action implementation?

My Proposal to Solve Those Problems

My package vuex-tools solve it and also, make it easier to create modules. take a look:

  • Easy goto implementation just by vscode control+clicking into the function name.
  • Easily find all uses of an action;
  • Type for actions arguments and mutations also getters (more about getter later);
  • All state type in just one place.
const getSortedItems = moduleBuilder.getter<Item[]>(
(state) => [...state.items].sort(a, b) => a.order - b.order

// vue component
computed: {
sortedItems() {
  • Remove from beta;
  • Refactor the code to a more readable one ( createModule is a mess I know);
  • Improve DOCS with more examples;
  • 100% test coverage and add more cases;
  • Test with Vuex plugin;
  • Be referenced into Vuex documentation;



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Matheus Ale da Silva

Matheus Ale da Silva

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